College Planning

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Planning for Education

Going to college is taking classes, living independently, and managing your expenses. Our advisors can help prepare for this new stage of life. It can be challenging even if you have planned for it. 

Higher education is an important investment and a choice to be considered carefully. Student loans can be costly and difficult to pay off. Deciding to pursue higher education and the path to a successful career varies from person to person. Tuition prices escalate and the cost of college seems to increase to the point of being out of reach. 

A 529 plan is an investment for education. Your investment is put in mutual funds and it accrues free of federal income tax. The beneficiary can use this to pay tuition and other school-related costs. Money invested in 529s can be used for many expenses beyond tuition—including books, school supplies, and computers.

Opening a Coverdell Education Savings Account for your child can contribute up to $2,000 a year for education, as long as your income is under $190,000.


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